Amaze Heater 400 Watt Ceramic Electric Panel Room Heater

Amaze Heater 400 Watt Ceramic Electric Panel Room Heater

Amaze Heater 400 Watt Ceramic Electric Panel Room Heater

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The 400 Watt, 120-Volt wall mounted panel heaters are safe, economical to use and work based on the principle of convective heat transfer. The panels are mounted ¾” from the wall to create a convection channel using the hardware provided and requires a simple do-it-yourself installation. Based on the principle of heat convection, the hot air rises and gets displaced by cooler air creating convective air currents within the room that gradually move warmer air to achieve a uniform ambient temperature. The Amaze-heaters do not have built-in fan; therefore, there is no noise and no stirred-up dust; this eliminates airborne dust problems. The 400 Watt heater is ideal for a regular size room up to (120 sq. ft.). These units are perfect not only to provide supplemental heat but also to warm up any cold spots in the house. Can be painted to match any decor with latex paint

• Energy-Efficient - Save up to 70% on heating costs!

• Triple insulated for electrical safety. Safer for Children, elders and pets. Lower surface temperature will not burn upon contact

• No fan and therefore no noise, 100% quiet, great for bedrooms, offices, kitchens, etc.

• Heat Reflector included that attaches to the wall behind the panel to minimize heat loss to the wall and to increase the efficiency of the heater

• Can be installed in rooms that are used during the night and set the central thermostat lower by few degrees, this will save on overall heating costs 400 Watts, Voltage - 120 V, Current - 3.3 Amps

• The panels are supplied with high density foam packing for safe transportation

Areas Covered

Toronto, Mississauga & Brampton

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