Gaggle Parade 6 Canopy Roof, Gray

Gaggle Parade 6 Canopy Roof, Gray

Gaggle Parade 6 Canopy Roof, Gray

The Gaggle Parade 6 Canopy Roof is the perfect addition to the Gaggle Parade 6 Buggy. The durable, fabric roof will protect children from UV rays and rainy conditions while out on rides. The roof easily attaches to the sides of the Gaggle Buggy with the included 4 metal poles. To make sure all passengers are protected, the roof extends over the front two seats.

Canopy roof shields rain and UV rays from children riding on the Gaggle Parade 6 Buggy

Made of durable, nylon fabric that is easy to clean

Roof extends over front seat to offer full protection for passengers

Easy to clean by spot cleaning any dirty areas

Available in neutral gray to match the Gaggle Parade 6 Buggy

Please Note : Just Canopy Fabric Roof in Grey Color

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